Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spring and Summer, Bangkok

I'm back to the blogging world after being MIA for the last few weeks. Even though I blogged less over the past few months, that doesn't mean my eating/baking adventure decrease. I am still interested in taking photos as much as before, just didn't have time to blog about them as much.

I'm back in Bangkok again, and had the chance to try this restaurant called Spring and Summer. The place started back in 2004 by a Thai movie star called Phol Thantasatien. The restaurant itself is located in Sukhumvit Soi 39, areas with many modern and chic restaurants.

Spring and summer is split into two buildings, Spring which serves the main courses and the savories, while Summer serves the desserts. You can, however, order your desserts over from Summer and have it at Spring after you finish your dinner, which was what we did.

One of the things that stood out to me about this restaurant was the fact that it has 'interesting' (cheesy) names for some of the drinks and desserts.

My "True Kiss"
This was a mixture of lychee, lime, and grenadine.

Mighty Mint

Thai Style Milk Tea

Ice Mocha


Spicy Peanut Calamari
The calamari wasn't as crispy as I'd like, the accompanying sauce, however, went well with the dish.

Soft shell crab and prawn salad
This was pretty good, light and refreshing!

Crispy Coconut Prawn Salad Bites
This is fusion dish, it tasted just like the traditional Thai vegetable wrap called "Miang Kum". The only exception was that there were crispy prawn.

Filipino Lumpia Rolls

This was very interesting, although slightly messy to eat.
The little crepes reminded me of my African food experience I had previously

Crispy Morning Glory Salad with River Prawns
I was slightly disappointed in this dish because the deep fried morning glory was already soggy

Thai Style Fusion Spaghetti (Spaghetti Pad Khee Mao)
Nice Thai style fusion dish, might be too spicy for some people though

Spaghetti with Miso and Sun-dried Tomatoes
I enjoyed the taste of this dish, however I found the spaghetti slightly overcooked. I love my Spaghetti "Al Dente" like the type served in Greyhound.

Ma Cheri
Also Known as Cherry Cheesecake. I didn't find it too special.

BTS/Better Than Sex
Yes, you read correctly! That was the name of the dessert!
Basically it's just chocolate Molten cake served with Chocolate mousse and cream.
I'm quite satisfied with this dessert, but would love it even more if they served it with vanilla ice cream! Whether this was really "BTS", I shall not comment :p

The center was perfect, not overcooked!

We also ordered another dessert called Cup C, which was basically chocolate brownie baked in a big mug, topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberry. I still preferred BTS though as I found Cup C too sweet for my liking.

The restaurant really has beautiful atmosphere, and is perfect for a first date, birthday parties, or a happy family dinner! I personally think that the food(snacks and main courses) were just mediocre, but this was compensated by the desserts and the atmosphere.


Bean Sprout said...

I heard that this place only good at Dessert ..cuz the savoury is too expensive...anyway..never tried yet ka

IronEaters said...

i like ur food pics =) from the drinks...till the last dessert pic. i need to blog more.haha..

IronEaters said...

i like ur food pics! from the drinks til to the last desser pic. they look so yummy. i need to blog more. lol

Hungry Hamster said...

Bean sprout: You are absolutely right!! The mains are way too expensive!Not worthed at all!

Ironeaters: Thank you :) Look forward to reading more posts from ur blog!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i like the decor, looks like a nice house. u know, i didn't enjoy bangkok but now i think it's bc we didn't go to the right places :(

Anonymous said...

Food is too sweet and price is unreasonably high. Always create problems for neighbor by making loud noise when organizing outdoor event. Organizing event using loud speakers should be done indoor to keep the noise inside. They are using other people cost for their profit. Should not get any support from customers.