Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Easiest Muffins I've Ever Made!

As I was happily strolling down the baking alley in Safeway (a supermarket in Melbourne), my eyes were instantly attracted to the 'sale' tags for a range of the Betty Crocker muffins. Since it was cheap, I decided to try out the new formula instant apple cinnamon muffins which claimed to be 97% fat free! I only needed to add 1 egg and water! How easy is that!?!

When I got home, I decided to try it out right away. It took only 1/2 an hr to finish everything from mixing to baking and washing the utensils. By the time I was done with my washings, the muffins were done!

The Verdict? Not bad for instant muffins! It's quite worthed considering the time spent! Since the muffins were suppose to be 97% fat free, they have spongy texture instead of the thick buttery texture. They might be 97% fat free but I assure you, they are definitely not low carb! The muffins are considered to be on the sweet side for me. The cinnamon flavor is also quite strong, which is good if you are a fan of cinnamon. I didn't mind the cinnamon taste as I think apples and cinnamon goes very well together. The package also came with a bag of sweet stewed apples, it would have been better if there were more of these. I prefer my muffins to be full of apple pieces, hence that's why I like to make my own muffins. I can add as much ingredients as I want :)

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