Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lunch @ Shintaro, Four Seasons Hotel

So sorry for the lack of updates. Hungry Hamster has been too busy eating, no time to update *blushed*

Another Japanese post yet again. I've been deep in love with Japanese food lately, actually my friends would probably argue that I just love all food. One of my friend once said "I can see the sparkles in your eyes when you see food!"

We originally wanted to try Madison at the Four Seasons Hotel, but since it was fully booked when we arrived, we decided to try out Shintaro instead. I will blog about Madison in my next post.

Their little cute spices set

Lemon Crush
Very refreshing indeed!

Grilled Sirloin with Garlic Butter sauce
I normally prefer eating beef without gravy, providing it's a good quality beef, so I can taste it's true flavor. However the sauce here complemented the beef very well without being over powering.

Unagi Kabayaki
Shintaro's unagi was done quite well compared to other Japanese restaurant that I've tried in Bangkok. It tasted fresh and flavorful without the irritating little bones found in some other restaurants.

Duck Udon with miso and spring onion
I normally prefer Ramen over Udon, but since I do not normally see duck in Udon, I decided to it out. It did not disappoint me! The soup was full of flavor, much better than what we had at Don Don. They were very generous with the duck meat too.

Unagi Sushi

Our dessert was ginger pudding. It didn't sound very appealing at first, but it tasted a lot better than I'd expected. The ginger flavor wasn't overpowering, just enough to give an extra touch to the pudding. The top was caramelized, it was a lot like ginger flavored creme brulee.

I am very glad we got to try out Shintaro as it was probably one of the better Japanese restaurants I've tried in Bangkok, and probably my favorite at the moment. I will definitely go back to try their other dishes.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

Hi! i found u at last! i was so excited at my girl's convo n i couldn't recall ur name, except tt your blog name had 'hamster', u were looking for Jap recipes n u r frm Thailand. so i now i finally found u! hey, u have a wonderful blog here. can i link ur blog? n u take great pictures. i rmber u had a Nikon but was it a D40 or D80? I'm holding out for the upcoming D60...keep in touch will u!have a great time in Bangkok!There's this restaurant in Bkk tt serves very good chinese food. it's called Somboon but there is a 'fake' Somboon tt's for tourists whch is a trap bc its very pricey.also, i've put up d pic taken with u-i hope its ok :)

Vida said...

Alive and kicking and will be back to posting soon, busy time but all good... Vida x

yammylicious said...

fabulous shooting!! nice blog u hv!!! & nice to meet u too~ =)

IronEaters said...

wa..the food looks so good. and hi! havent been reading blogs or updating my blog for so long.but happy to b back n get to c so many delicious food pics here on ur blog =)


Sweetiepie said...

those japanese food looks so yummy.I love japanese food too.:)