Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lunch at Secret Garden, BKK

I'm back in Melbourne. Will post up more pictures from my Bkk Trip. Anyway, I read about Secret Garden in a Thai food blog, and since it was so near my house, I decided to try it out. This restaurant was seperated into two areas, one was for desserts and the other side was for main courses. I was actually more drawn the the bakery side of it when I first read the blog, but since it was lunch time, we decided to give their food a go.

The place has a unique and sweet decoration with pastel colors theme. We ordered a variety of common Thai dishes in order to be able to compare it with other restaurants' standards.

Lime Chicken.
This dish consists of thinly sliced chicken deep fried and topped with toasted sesame, and mayonaise on a bed of shredded deep fried Chinese broccoli.
This dish was not as good as I'd expected. The chicken was a bit too thin and it was on the dry side. I preferred Banana leaf's lime chicken.

Traditional Thai cupcakes with preserved turnips.
It was my first time having these, so I couldn't really give a comment. It tasted not bad though.

Deep fried crab and cheese sticks
This was pretty ordinary too, would have been better if it was crispier.

Stir fried shredded morning glory.
The seasoning was pretty good, but the morning glory was a bit old, hence it was slightly tougher on the teeth.

Deep fried Catfish salad.
This was quite interesting. I was expecting it to be crispy and crunchy, but it wasn't crunchy, neither was it soggy. Let's just say it's pretty unique and different from the ones in other restaurants.

Coconut rice with green chicken curry.

Papaya salad.

We ordered two cakes for desserts. The Japanese cotton sponge cake and the crepe cake.

The cakes display

The Japanese cotton sponge cake was a disappointment as the texture was crumbly and dry, not soft, fluffy and moist like I'd expected.

The Crepe cake, on the other hand, was very good! The sweet/tangy strawberry sauce really complements the creaminess of crepe cake. The crepe cake was soft and light, each layer was spread with a layer of fresh cream. It was really easy to cut through and I really enjoyed it! Highly recommended!

I think this place is worth visiting anytime you have your sweets craving, or want somewhere peaceful, yet cozy to chill out with your friends!

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cheesywee said...

oh my goooshh those crepes look sooo good and the room with all those chairs are so pretty! Very nice pictures too !