Monday, October 29, 2007

Lemon rolls

I don't think anyone can guess what the above picture was suppose to be.

Well, it certainly didn't look like what it was suppose to be *sniff*. That was my first attempt at making lemon roll. I've tried making swiss rolls a few times before, and have never actually been successful with it. The texture of the cake is always good, but I always break the swiss roll itself when I try to roll it. Well, I found this new recipe online, and I decided to try it out, since it didn't seem to hard. Well, that was a wrong move as I overbaked the batter, and since the batter did not have any rising agent in it (eg baking powder), it didn't rise very well.

Hence, I decided to turn them into lemon biscuits! It actually tasted pretty good *shameless self praising*

Anyway, I decided to give the lemon roll another go, however I used a different recipe this time.

I am very happy with the result actually, as I can finally roll the cake into a lemon roll without breaking it! I actually adapted the lemon roll recipe from a vanilla roll, and added lemon zest and some lemon juice. The cream filling is basically just whipped cream flavored with lemon juice and a bit of caster sugar, with a few drops of yellow food coloring.


obachan said...

Wow! The yellow cream is so cute.

vida said...

They look great!! Vida x

Hungry Hamster said...

Thank you obachan and vida! My mom said the yellow color looks fake though hahaha.

TingTing said...

Awww, so cute! How did you finally get to roll it up without cracking/breaking it? The cream puff on the side looks a bit like a banana... ^^!

Towser said...

Hello. I must say for someone like myself who hasn't got much of a sweet tooth generally, unless dessert has the tang of lemon in it, that looks divine. And also your light cheesecake a few posts back...maybe I'm becoming a convert!

Hungry Hamster said...

Ting Ting : This is a different recipe, and I think one of the key is having a thinner batter. I've always make really thick batter before, they just couldn't stand the pressure. I still need expert advice on this though :)

Hehe, the cream puff on the side isn't a cream puff actually hehe. It was my..not very good attempt at decorating :p It's just the leftover whipped cream :)

Towser: Hello there! Thanks! Wow, it'll be great if I'm able to convert you! I'm still working on trying to convert my brother :p

TingTing said...

Wow. Guess what. Your left-over cream looks better than my three-hour efforts... which melt before I'm halfway done ^^"!