Monday, November 19, 2007

The Old Raffles Place, Collingwood

This place is probably one of the very few restaurants I've tasted in Melbourne that offers a very authentic taste of the Singaporean famous dishes outside of Singapore. They were famous for their Hainanese Chicken rice which my friends had ordered previously, and were looking forward to ordering again during this visit. Unfortunately, they ran out of their Hainanese chicken so we were forced to order something else instead. Apparently, their chickens were so popular that you actually have to book them in advance!

I ordered the Chicken Curry Laksa.
It was actually pretty good! Better than my experience at Laksa Me! They were very generous with the chicken pieces. The chicken breast pieces were so tender, which made me understand why their chicken rice is so popular.

Hor Fun. Rice noodles with egg sauce
I managed to steal a bite from my friend, and this dish was good! The sauce was cooked to the right consistency, and the rice noodles had the 'wok-hei' flavor.

Pineapple Fried rice
This had a bit of tomato flavor in it. I think my friends liked it, but I find it slightly bland.

Hokkien Mee
I didn't get to try this as I didn't want to deprive my friends of anymore food :p

Overall, I had a good experience with this restaurant, even though the food was a bit slow and their water tasted funny. It definitely satisfies my Singaporean/Malaysian food cravings!

The Old Raffles Place
70 Johnston St
Collingwood 3066, VIC
(03) 9417 4450


Towser said...

Definitely go back to try their hainanese chicken rice...smooth, slippery, savoury and delish. Almost like the ones I've tried the few times I'd passed through Singapore, without the heat and the sweat!

Hungry Hamster said...

Yup, i totally agree about their chicken! I could already tell from the chicken pieces in the Laksa! Will definitely go back for the chicken rice! I'll make sure I make a booking for their chicken this time!

The Rock said...

I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone,very unlike singaporean hospitablity!! We ordered a Penang Kway teou only TO FIND STRANDS OF HAIR, COMPLIMENTS OF THE COOK IN IT !! We pointed this out to the owner ALLAN who came back saying we have removed the hair would you yet want it.We then ordered another dish only to find our plate virtually thrown at us in the same manner you would hand them over to beggars!!

Thai Taste down 2 blocks has never dissapointed us over 20 visits now recomended any day any time over Allan's AWFUL Raffles place

reef said...

Wow Rock you sure make it sound like Allan is a horrible owner.

Peace said...

Rock, it's either you are freaking unlucky or you have a personal vendetta. Am a regular there and I do not have any problem with the service, food or attitudes of the staff there.

I hope you never throw things at beggars cos from what you have written, you should be ashamed of your mentality and attitudes.

By the way, hope you are not a Singaporean cos I am quite embarrassed with how you spelled some of the words.

* Peace *

The Rock said...

Good Day MR Peace! May be i am freaking unlucky in this instance. but when it comes to attitude make no mistake I have wined and dined at many restaurants to understand customer service and attitudes better.It seems you need to probably visit some more restaurants to make your judgement! and I am more than happy to educate you further including giving you spelling lessons!

peace said...