Monday, June 4, 2007

Korean Food Eating Spree Vol 1 @ Oriental Spoon

Sorry for the lag of blogging, I've been busy lately, but that did not stop me from continuing my eating adventure. The last weekend, I had to attend several birthdays and both of them were held in Korean restaurants. On Saturday, I went to Oriental Spoon which is on Latrobe and Elizabeth Street. This restaurant is more modern and nicely decorated with better ventilation system than my Sunday experience at Han guok Guan (my next post). Well, there's an advantage to having Korean two days in a row--it's easier to compare them as the taste are still fresh in my head. Here are some of the dishes I ordered on Saturday night.

Our entree--Korean Pancake.
They were a bit soggy today, not as good as my previous experience.

The famous 'Bi-Bim-Bab'.
I feel like my Korean meal is not complete without it. I think the Bi-Bim-Bab is the best so far, but I have been told that the one in Tomodachi is even better. Shall try it out one day.

Beef Bulkoki.
This was quite ordinary, I think Bulkoki taste better if we grill it ourselves.

Our main actor for the night--Kim Chi Casserole!
This was probably the best dish of the night! The soup was rich and flavorful! I don't think the 'cheese' was very authentic though. But anything that improves the taste..why not?

Jap Chae. This is also my other favorite dish! Stir fried Potato noodles.

Kim Chi Chigae with tofu.
Didn't fancy this dish too much. It was a tad oily and was not spicy enough.

Overall I did enjoy the food, and the service was pretty decent. The lunch time service, however, is a different story. Please check out my next post about my Han Gouk Guan experience and see which one you like better!

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