Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Lunch @ Crystal Jade, Siam Paragon, Bkk

Whenever I'm in Bangkok, I usually have my Yum Cha lunches at Hai Tien Lo restaurant in Pan Pacific Hotel as it's one of the more authentic Cantonese Yum Cha restaurants compared to the others I've previously experienced. However, I decided to try out what Crystal Jade had to offer when I spotted an article about it in the newspaper.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the waitresses were not very responsive eventhough they spotted us standing there. When we were finally seated at the table, I was slightly disappointed to see a very noticable food stain on the table cloth. It was not something I would expect from a higher-end chinese restaurant.

The food, however, was better than I'd expected. We did not order typical Yum Cha dishes, but the dishes that was recommended in the newspaper.

Roasted Duck
This was deboned. I wish restaurants in Australia would start deboning their duck too, it's so much more enjoyable to eat. The flavor of the duck was nice and the skin was crispy. One of the better roast ducks I've had in Bangkok. The duck would be even better if it was served with plum sauce.

Abalone Puff

The abalone puff was a lot cheaper than I'd expected, hence I didn't expect to find any abalone pieces inside. To my surprise though, they manage to stuff a tiny cube of abalone inside each puff. The puff itself tasted pretty good though, similar to BBQ pork flavored puff.

Phoenix's Claws aka braised chicken feet
I'm not a fan of any type of feet, hence I did not try this dish. It was pretty good according to my parents though.

Radish Cake
Despite looking a bit stiff, it was decent.

Roasted Chicken with Mango and Goose Liver

The roasted chicken was made to perfection! The skin was very crispy, probably the best roasted chicken I've had so far. The combination of the crispiness from the chicken with the sweetness of the mango slices, and toned down by the slight saltiness of the goose liver gave it a very interesting flavor.

I'm quite satisfied with my experience at Crystal Jade and look forward to trying out their other dishes in the near future.

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