Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another BKK entry @ The Krok

The Krok is situated in Siam Square Soi 2, a popular hang-out place amongst Thai teens. You can see teens roaming around in their uniform, from early secondary school until University level. I think Thailand is the only country in the world that has uniform in the University level. (Please correct me if I'm wrong) Anyway, back to 'The Krok', I discovered this restaurant recently from reading another food blog. Normally when I go to Siam Square, I would usually eat at "Som Tum Nuo", a famous Som Tum (Thai Papaya salad) place where people queue up for 30++ min to an hr just to eat there, and they don' t take reservations. After a while, I realized that even though the food is quite good, it's not worth the wait--especially not in Thailand's weather! Some may argue that it's not as good as Tum Nuo, but at least I never had to queue up here and the service is always very good. By the way, both the Krok and Som Tum Nuo serves Northern Thai food, not the ordinary "Pad Thai", and "Green curry Chicken" type food. Here are some recommended dishes:

Four types of dipping sauce

Tom Yum Khai Jeow or Tom Yum with Thai style Omelette.
This dish was very good! I love the fluffy and crispy Thai style omelette especially when it soaks up the spicy goodness of the Tom Yum soup!

Som Tum Tod or Fried Spicy Papaya Salad.
The sauce was served in a little mortar-shaped container. It was adorable!

Som Tum or the 'original' version of Spicy Papaya Salad

Yum Pak Boong Tod Krob or Tempura Battered Morning Glory with spicy sauce
The batter was very light so you don't get the 'oily' after taste.

Thai style fried chicken wings
I love their fried chicken! It's done just right--crispy, juicy and succulent at the same time!

Kanom Jeen Pad or stir fried Thai noodles.
Didn't think this dish was too special.

I think this restaurant is really reasonable as the atmosphere is quite good and the price is very cheap! The place is not packed like "Som Tum Nuo", you can actually enjoy a proper conversation with you friends without overhearing other people's conversations. You also won't get the pressure of having to rush through your meals when you know there are tons of people waiting outside. Enjoy!~~

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