Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Taiwan Eating Trip Vol IV

This is probably the final post for my Taipei eating trip. Overall, I had a great time there and would love to go back!

Japanese Ramen at Taipei 101 Food court. This was a huge bowl, and I saw lots of Taiwanese girls ordering it! Again, emphasizing that Taiwanese girls can eat!

We also dropped by Din Tai Fung again for their Xiao Long Bao before we left. This time, we also tried their Ja Jiang Mien, however it was very different from what I'd expected. Didn't taste like the same dish to me. Maybe it was Taiwanese style.

Famous Croissant ice cream at one of the 'Old Street'. Be aware if you were to try this in Taipei, there are several shops selling the 'famous croissant'. Make sure you buy from the stall that has lots of customers or the ones that allow you to sample their croissant. We learned it the hard way as we got too excited and bought it from the first shop we came across. It tasted horrible, and I almost had a bad impression about the croissants in Taipei. However, after we've samples the croissants from some other shops, I must say they are pretty good!

Beef Noodle at Taipei Airport! It was surprisingly good! The noodles had a nice chew.

One of my favorite snacks in Taiwan was pineapple shortbread. I've discovered 2 brands that I like after trying a few, and bought some back to Bangkok for souvenirs. These 'real' pineapple shortbreads are very fresh and they have a fairly short shelf-life, around 30-45 days. Unlike the ones I find in the Asian Groceries in Melbourne, which tasted dry and has a shelf life of 1-2 years!

This one has a prettier packaging. The shortbread itself was nice and crunchy and buttery.

This was wrapped in waxed paper. The crust is slightly chewier and less crunchy. The pineapple filing is not overly sweet.

I personally preferred the latter one as I like the softer/chewier texture of the shortbread. It also doesn't leave a floury after-taste like the first one. My sister, however, preferred the first one. Despite the differences in texture, these two brands are still the best I've had so far. Do check them out if you are ever in Taiwan!


Vanillaorchid said...

Thank you for stopping by my site.

Your photo make me feel hungry although I just had my dinner!!

dailydelicious said...

I never been to Taiwan, it's seen to me that you had a great trip.
And I really want to know what pineapple cookies taste like, the package is very lovely.

insane scribbler said...

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cheesywee said...

my god! i remember the first time my friend introduced me to pineapple cakes/cookies and he gave me a 20 pack... I ate all of them in one day.. then I started buying them more often and I believe those pineapple cakes contributed to more than 50% of my freshman 15!!!

Hungry Hamster said...

Haha, Cheesywee! That's a funny story! Glad I found someone who also love the Pineapple cakes/cookies! I think gelati + cheesecake + chocolate contributed to my weight gain in my freshmen yr too!

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