Monday, December 17, 2007

Pacific House Vol II

Once again, I'm back to Pacific house for their yummy roast duck. What's even better is I actually got to try their Crab noodle this time! It's yummilicious!

The Beautiful Chilli Crab with noodles

The waiter helped us plate it into individual plates
The noodles were springy and not soggy with the right amount of sauce. Delicious!

Some vegetable to boost our fibre intake.

Claypot Satay Beef with vermicelli
I thought this was rather bland too. Couldn't taste the 'satay sauce' at all. My brother liked it though.

Pipa beancurd
This wasn't as good as I'd expected. I preferred the one at Kumden better.

Salt and Pepper Calamari
This was good. The squid was fresh and I can easily bite through it.

We've also ordered other the crispy pork and their famous salted egg-yolk prawns, which were all really good. Their service, however, remained chaotic as usual. Maybe that's how they keep their food quality up.


mutemonkey said...

Oooh, coincidence! We both posted about PSBBQH within 24 hours of each other! :)

I love the food there, glad to see it gets the thumbs up from you too...

mellie said...

Looks like another Pacific venture might be opening on Lonsdale St soon.