Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Nyala African Restaurant, Melbourne

Ever wonder what African Cuisine taste like? Well, I've got the chance to try it a while ago during my cousin's 21st Birthday. She decided on an African restaurant on Brunswick Street for a change. The restaurant itself (Nyala) was small, cozy and decorated with African paintings. I was convinced that this restaurant was quite authentic as all the waiters and waitresses were dressed in their traditional African costumes which added more to the atmosphere. Service here is good too as the waiters always responded to our requests with a big smile. We ordered several dishes to share, unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture all the photos as the food were spread out across the long table. I really did enjoy the meal and in my opinion, if this restaurant were an Authentic African restaurant, I would say the cuisine tasted like a mixture of Indian and Indonesian!

The dips and the flat bread

The vegetarian dishes with their traditional African bread? It's soft and fluffy--pancake-like in texture. Taste great when eaten with lamb, chicken and other main dishes.

The Chicken Stew. I love this dish, it reminded me a little of Butter Chicken but with a more tangy kick to it.

This is their Beef Stew. I couldn't remember the African name. This dish tasted like Indonesian Beef Rendang!

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this restaurant. The price is really reasonable too especially if you are not a very big eater and ordered to share. If you are a fan of lamb, you should tried their hot plate lamb!Booking is a MUST as the place was packed after 7pm!!

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