Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holidays in BKK

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm currently having my superb holidays in Bangkok. This trip is more like a food trip, so you can expect a lot more Bangkok food posts coming up. The weather is extremely warm and humid here, no where near the weather in Melbourne at all!

After I got off the plane, we had Japanese food at Keyaki. This is probably one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. The waitresses in their kimonos are always very attentive and the place is always packed with Japanese business men. All the dishes arrived pretty quickly despite the busy atmosphere.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Set
The beef was really soft and tender, cooked to perfection!
The sauce helps bring out the beef flavor very well without covering its taste.

My Tempura Prawns Set
The batter was very light and crispy and it came in a pretty serving basket.

Zaru Soba
This dish was not bad, but it was quite ordinary.

Katsu Kare
This was pretty well done, as the Katsu was still crispy when it was served.

The complimentary dessert was a fusion of Thai and Japanese cuisine.
it was a Red bead pudding with two little Thai jelly-like dessert called Kanom Chan.
It's similar to the Malaysian/Indonesian Kuih Lapis.

For dinner, we went to Somboon Seafood. I have been craving for curry crab for long while, so this meal really satisfied me!

We had their famous curry crab.

Fried Seabass with Fish sauce

Thai style stir fried morning glory

Tom Yum Koong. This was a bit disappointing as it tasted quite bland, considering it's a famous Thai/Chinese restaurant.

"oo suan" or Oyster Omelette.
This dish was really good too.

Anyway, these are the pics from my first day in BKK. There will be more pictures coming up, so please come and enjoy the food with me!

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