Saturday, May 12, 2007

Experimental Gyoza

A few weeks ago, I had a strong Gyoza craving, but did not want to eat those overly oily ones that are offered in most reasonable Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. There is only one solution left, which is to make them myself! I decided to buy the pre-made Gyoza skin as I couldn't be bother making the skins by myself. I did not have any chives on hand, so I had to replace the chives with spring onions. I'm quite happy with the results, considering it's my first time making Gyoza. Taste wise, I think I'll need to add more spices to the minced pork+ cabbage mixture. Overall, it's quite good (hehe, maybe it's because the vinegar dipping sauce covered up all the taste :p )

Pre-cooked Gyoza

Post cooked Gyoza


khensthoth said...


Let me know the next time you make it so I could indulge myself in your wonderful cooking.

Hean said...

Aww... come on, you didn't give any of those to us.

Talking about chives, in fact, we have 2 pots of them, and anytime you want it, just call us. The chive is free of charge, so is the delivery.

Fresh Origano and Basil are available too.