Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My 'attempt' at Cinnamon Buns

Some people preferred their Cinnamon Rolls that have the croissant/puff pastry texture, but I preferred mine soft and fluffy--more bread like in texture! After looking at several intimidating recipes, I came across this one by Pookakae Saemaroo, which made everything a lot easier when she teaches how to make it step by step. Her blog is really interesting and her two kids are soooo adorable. Anyway, back to the cinnamon buns, I've learned that it's a lot easier cutting the cinnamon buns using a thread! It keeps your cinnamon buns in shape! I skipped the icing topping in the end though, as I preferred mine less sweet and that I can actually enjoy the cinnamon taste! I think I put my cinnamon buns too far apart, but they still turned out great! Soft and fluffy as I'd expected! Thank you for sharing the great recipe!

Cinnamon Buns getting ready to be baked!

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