Monday, November 26, 2007

Mornington Peninsular Road Trip

I just came back from my weekend road trip at Mornington Peninsular. It was probably my fourth visit to Mornington Peninsular, but each trip is always different!

We departed Melbourne on Saturday and our first stop was Miss Marple's Tea Room. This little cottage is located on Mt. Dandenong in a town called Olinda.

I love its little cozy setting, and all of its interior and exterior design. I felt like I was really having an afternoon tea in Britain.

This tea room is so popular with the local and tourists that it does not take bookings! You can't take away their scones either!. I believe it's for quality control purpose. When we first arrived, it was still empty as it had just opened. But it quickly filled up as time passed! The turnover rate is quite high too, and there's always a queue waiting whenever I go.

As this was probably my third visit, I've learned from my previous experiences that the dishes are quite 'rich', so we ordered less on this trip. I think we made a mistake while ordering this time, as we ordered the dessert at the same time as the other dishes. This was a bad move as the ice cream sundae arrived at the same time as the other dishes. So we had to simultaneously eat both savory and sweet dishes at the same time to prevent the ice cream from melting.

Miss Marple's Famous Fresh Chicken, Cheese, and Asparagus Fingers.
This was quite nice, very cheesy with strong flavor.

Miss Marple's famous Plain Scones, served with whipped cream and homemade strawberry jam.
The scones here are different from the other places I've eaten before. They looked more like cakes than scones to me. Despite the not-so-sconish looks that I'm used to, they still taste heavenly when eaten with thick layer of cream and jam!

Miss Marple's Fish and Chips with Salad
This was their special dish that day. I was pretty disappointed with the taste despite its great looks. The batter wasn't really crispy and it tasted a bit bland for my liking.

Miss Marple's Sundae Best!
This was vanilla icecream topped with whipped cream, strawberries, almond flakes and drizzled with homemade berry and chocolate sauce. This was good, but it would be better if there were more ice cream instead of cream.

After our lovely brunch, we proceeded to Sunny Ridge Strawberry farm. The place was quite commercialized with lots of tourists, both local and international.

You can either buy the packed strawberries, or pick your own from the farm!

The large, packed strawberries

You can also get them coated in Chocolates

Little tubs of chocolate sauce for the strawberries are also on sale

I decided to try out their 'world famous' strawberry icecream and sorbet instead.
Both flavors were good, but I prefered the sorbet more as it has a stronger strawberry flavor

After the fulfilling treat, we decided to burn some calories by picking the strawberries at the farm. Here are some strawberries picking tips.

I should give you a little warning though. Some areas of the farm are muddy, so be careful when you walk. I almost slipped and fell into the mud myself. It really gave my friends something to laughed about through out the whole trip.

After the strawberry farm, we decided to go to Arthur's seat to take a look at the beautiful view and check-in to our beach house.

Our dinner at this little shop called 'Fish and Chips' located in Sorrento
These were a lot better than the ones I had at Miss Marple's!
The price was also very reasonable.

The next day, we went took a ferry across and had lunch around the Torquay area. We didn't really know what to eat, so we ended up eating at La Porchetta.

Spagetthi Marinara
I didn't really enjoy this dish as it was too soggy for my liking. I also find the taste a bit too fishy.
I'm quite particular about my pasta as I love them 'al dente'. My friends seemed to like this dish though.

Mexicana Pizza
This salami was a bit too spicy for me, otherwise it's pretty good

Sun-dried tomatoPizza
I thought this pizza looked quite pretty, but I would enjoy it more if there were MORE sun-dried tomatoes

I really enjoyed this trip, and had a lot of fun with yummy food and great company! Probably wouldn't mind going there again for the fifth time.


Cookie baker Lynn said...

That sundae is too die for! Too much good stuff.

Hungry Hamster said...

Yes cookie baker lynn! The sundae is very very sinful indeed! :p

vida said...

It took two adults and two children to finish one of those sundae when we were there, it was good though!! Vida x

Hungry Hamster said...

Haha, yes Vida! It was massive, but good! :)

Agnes said...

Oooh strawberry picking! I'm going to try and pick some berries this summer. That sundae looked massive!

Hungry Hamster said...

Yes it was! Hope you have fun berries picking! Be careful of the muddy areas though, so you don't embarrass yourself like me :p

ilingc said...

What an awesome trip! The glorious food... sigh.. I wish we did trips like that back when we were in Melbourne.

Hungry Hamster said...

Thanks ilingc! it was great fun! We sang in the car the whole trip!

Jeanna said...

Eat the sundae first, always. But the waiter should have known better. Hey, there are a lot of Aussie food bloggers out there.
So, that bogus blog, nutrition and wellness, keeps spamming me and other foodies so thought I'd make sure you knew what they were still up to.
Have a scone for me and that sundae in my professional opinion looks wonderful!