Thursday, June 21, 2007

Unique Chocolates at David Medlow

I found this little gem while I was walking around, window shopping with my friend in the city. David Medlow chocolates is hidden in a little corner at Howey place near Bourke Street. I was actually drawn to the sights of the colorful displays of assorted jellies that were neatly packed into a cute tiny see-through box. We decided to step in the shop and found out that the place has just been open for 2 months! I was pretty excited at their unique chocolate range and different flavors of pectin jellies.

According to their brochure "The Pecktons range of jellies, yielding gently to the bite, captures the natural profiles from a fresh field of wild berries, crisp orchard fruits and the exotic temptations of the orient. Our exclusive showcase of the David Medlow liqueur chocolates will seduce your palate and render the true qualities of Australia's premium wines, and fortifieds."

Fortunately, I was able to exert my self-control and did not get any today! I will definitely go back and have a try and shall post about it when I do!

Their unique range of chocolates which have fruit juices inside!

Their famous Peckton Jellies

David Medlow
26 Howey Place
Melbourne Victoria 3000

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