Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Japan Eating Trip Vol II

After a good night rest at Cross Hotel Osaka, I started my day with some yummy Japanese/Western fusion breakfast. I've always love eating Tamagoyaki since I was young, and the real one I had in Japan tasted even better!

Breakfast at the hotel
The tamagoyaki here was really nice so I went back again for a few rounds.

Our first destination was the Todaichi temple.

One of the many deers that were allowed to roam freely around the temple. You can buy Sembe (Japanese biscuits) and feed them, but just be careful as the deers may come at you all at once.

On my way back to the bus, I spotted Haagen Dazs icecream vending machine! I wish they have these in Melbourne too!

We proceeded to Kiyomizu temple, and on our way walking up to the temple, there were lots of shops selling food and souvenirs. It was like an eating heaven for me!

A cream puff shop we spotted on the way to the temple

Unfilled cream puff pastry

Cinnamon Flavored cream puff with vanilla bean custard
These are pretty interesting, very different from the usual Beard Papa Cream puff I was used to.

Imagawayaki being made out of its machine
The shop assistant is doing a Q.C . check and threw out the ones that are not up to standards.

It looked so adorable!

The Imagawayaki that I usually see have red bean filling, however this one has chestnut filling.
It definitely tasted better than the ones I've had in Bangkok and Singapore!

Japanese lady selling mushroom and beef steamed bun.
The beef bun tasted pretty good but it was also pretty pricey at 450 yen each.

Black Sesame soft serve ice cream
This was very nice! Creamy and rich with smooth sesame taste.

For lunch, the tour provided us with Nabe or Japanese steamboat with more vegetable and seafood! Despite being pretty full from all the desserts/snacks above, I manage to eat more!

Our vegetable/varieties of meat and fish balls set

Mini lobster for the Nabe!

Our pot

After our fulfilling lunch, our next destination was the Kinkakuji Temple or the Golden Pavilion. It was a beauty!

Kinkakuji Temple

That was it for the day's itinerary and we were on our way to check-in at our hotel in Hamamatsu where we were suppose to have our dinner. However, there was an accident on the highway, so the traffic was really bad and our tour guide realized we would not be able to make it for dinner at the hotel, so we stopped by a food court for our dinner.

Miso Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

Flat noodle with Tempura


The food was pretty decent although the ramen wasn't as good as I'd expected but I can't ask too much from a food court can I? It was a good experience though as we had the chance to try out the automated food ordering machine. Hmm, I'm not sure how to explain it but you just select the meal of your choice, add in the money, and the machine will issue you a ticket with a number. The chef will then cook your food and call out your number when it's ready.

This is the end of my Japan Eating Trip Vol II. Hope you guys will look forward to reading Vol III!

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