Friday, October 5, 2007

Light Dinner @ Pancake Parlour

I'm sure a lot of people have eaten at Pancake Parlour before, and lots of my friends have a love-hate relationship with it. I personally, like their desserts. Their short stacks are, however, nothing fantastic. Same goes for their savoury dishes. I love their diners atmosphere with all the vintage decorations though. Their service is also great!

Crepe Spakanopita

Mexican Beef and Chicken Crepe

The "IT"
This is my favorite of all! It's a combination of two dishes. The Jamaican Banana and I forgot the name of the other dish. This dish consists of two buttermilk pancakes topped with toasted banana slices, walnuts, and vanilla ice cream with generous sprinkle of cinnamon! Just Perfect!

Chocolate Strawberry Jubilee
This was yum! Soft warm fluffy chocolate pancakes drizzled with lots of chocolate sauce topped wtih a scoop of vanilla ice cream and strawberries!

So, from my experience, their desserts are definitely better than their savoury dishes, so if any time you are bored of Max Brenner and Koko Black and want something different, you can try Pancake Parlour!


vida said...

Hi, I always have the cajun chicken salad and IT is my favourite for dessert. Was at the Jam Factory the other day with my daughter and we shared the above. I do like the spanakopita but prefer the salad. Vida x

Rachel said...

I'd kill for some of their recipes. I love the chicken tabriz and the chocolate fudge on a short stack with a scoop of icecream. Yum!!! They are getting very pricey now though so I save it for my birthday.