Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sinful Dinner at Pacific Seafood BBQ House Restaurant, Toorak

This is one of the very sinful dinners I've had in a while. It was high in cholesterol, coated in oil, but taste unbelievably great! Pacific House restaurant is very popular, and was featured in The Age Cheap Eats several times. If you are looking for a restaurant with great service, this restaurant is a no-no! However, if you are looking for scrumptious, authentic Cantonese cuisine at a reasonable price, with saliva-inducing roast duck, this is the place to be!

This restaurant is situated on 210 Toorak road, and I very much prefer this to the one at Richmond. As the restaurant is very popular, booking is a must! The turnover rate at this restaurant is also very high as you are always rushed by the waiters/waitresses. The bills are popped on your table along with the refreshing oranges while you are trying to finish your last dish.

The famous juicy roast duck. I still prefer Idea's though as the roast duck was deboned.

Another angle of the roast duck

Roast pork and BBQ pork

Stir-fried Snow Pea Sprouts with Garlic

My favorite dish! Deep fried prawns with salted Egg yolks. This dish will probably bring your cholesterol level sky high.

Salt and Pepper Chicken Ribs. The chicken ribs were coated with thick crispy batter that when you bite into it, you can feel the oil seeping through. Very evil indeed!

Braised Pork belly..Another fat-ladened dish!

If good food and cramped seatings are your thing, do try out Pacific house!


Vida said...

Gees Darl, how many of were there??? I have eaten there a couple of times, very cheap and I am lucky that I have never had to line up but I have seen lots of people waiting to get in. I love the cheesecake recipe too and will try it out soon. Vida x

Hungry Hamster said...

Hi Vida,

There was actually one more dish which I didn't get the chance to take a picture of as my friends already sabotage it. Haha. There were 9 of us!

Vida said...

I am so glad there were a number of you because no hampster could be THAT hungry!!!! Vida

IronEaters said...

ooo... just like the dishes u ordered here,esp roast duck and the succulent pork them.

Ginger said...

oOh! I have never been there before.. Probably because I don't really do to that area often (or should i say never!). the food looked really good though!