Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friday Night Dinner @ Peko Peko, Fitzroy

I've heard of Peko Peko several times in the Age's Cheap Eats and from other bloggers, so I decided to try it out with my friends on Friday. I was quite surprised when we walked in as the place had both Caucasians and Asian waitresses. That did not at all reduce the quality of their service though, they were still very friendly and attentive. The place was a bit smaller than I'd expected and there were already a few customers there enjoying their food. The restaurant had very simple, yet cute decorations with an open kitchen. We did not try the 'specials', but decided to go with whatever looked good on the menu.

Here are the dishes we had tried:

Assorted Tempura
The batter was really very light! Just the way I like it! I just wished there were more prawns!

Beef Gyoza
I quite like this dish, it was different from other restaurants!

Our plain rice, decorated with toasted sasame

Agedashi Tofu
I was quite disappointed with this dish. The sauce was rather bland and tasteless. I had to season it with the leftover sauce from the tempura.

I forgot what sauce this was. It was a fusion dish which I quite like. Very flavorful! The prawns were very fresh and succulent! ~yum~

Miso Squid on a bed of fresh baby spinach
This was interesting too, fresh squids. But I still prefer the prawns.

I was quite impressed with the Chef's skills with the fiery fire

After our dinner, my friends decided they want to eat the Green Tea Parfait at Cocoro pottery cafe, so we head down to Cocoro for their yummy desserts. Since I'm not a big fan of Green tea, we also tried their roasted sesame ice cream.

Loved their decorations too! There is a cute little corner for you to wait while the waitresses are getting the table ready for you.

Refreshing hand towels presented in a beautiful basket. They pay so much attention to all the details!

Roasted sesame ice-cream
I actually prefer the one at crown food court, this one was a bit too nutty for my liking. I couldn't really taste the creaminess of the ice-cream. Actually, it didn't really taste much like ice cream at all. I liked the strawberries and the red bean paste on the side though.

Green tea parfait. My friend loved this.

I really did enjoy my experiences at both Peko Peko and Cocoro and will definitely come back here again. My next few Japanese restaurants that I want to try are probably Horoki and Hako. Hope I will enjoy them as much too!

Peko Peko
199 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Cocoro Japanese Pottery and Cafe
117 Smith Street, Fitzroy

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Anonymous said...

Haha, have you heard of/been to Peko Peko Cafe (in South Melbourne)? I didn't know that there was a restaurant with the same name in Fitzroy, but they're actually two different eateries. If you're interested, maybe you can check it out somethime (espesh the pop chicken!!)=]