Monday, July 28, 2008

Lunch @ Another Hound and dessert @ Red Mango, Bangkok

My family and I decided to take a trip to Siam Paragon for a Sunday lunch/family hang out day. I originally wanted to try out Vanilla Brasserie, however it was packed and the waiter had no idea when the next available table would be, so we decided to try out Another Hound instead. Another Hound is one of the sister branch of Greyhound cafe, targeted at higher consumer group, hence a slightly higher price and more classy decorations. The menu also has more varieties than the ordinary Greyhound cafes by incorporating more expensive dishes.

Their unique chandelier

After we were seated, it took quite a while before we were presented with the menu, it would be great if they could improve on that. Here are the dishes we ordered:

Grilled Lamb
I can't comment on this dish because I'm not a fan of lamb, however according to my parents, they were good, but not fantastic.

"Complicated Noodle" or Guay Teow Hor Moo Sup
Basically, it's rice noodle pieces served with minced pork, spicy seafood sauce and lettuce DIY style. It reminds me a bit of the Chinese San Choy Bau, but the seafood sauce gave it that extra kick.

Baked Spinach with Cheese
My parents and sister loved this dish.

Spaghetti with chilli and anchovies or "Spaghetti Pad Pla Insee Kem"
As you'll probably know that I have a soft spot for fusion spaghetti. This is one of my favorite dish whenever I eat at Greyhound, so I did not fail to order it at Another Hound. The spaghetti was cooked "Al Dente", just the way I like it.

Squid Ink Seafood Pasta or 'Spaghetti Cha Cha Cha'
This was done very well too, with generous portions of seafood.

Their 'supposedly' famous fried chicken wings marinated in fish sauce or "Peek Kai Tod Num Pla"
This dish is quite popular at other greyhound stores, I always see it being ordered at most tables. For some reason though, I used to think it taste better. Now the flavor is slightly more bland, I wasn't really able to detect flavor of the fish sauce, and it would definitely be better if it was served with sweet chili sauce.

After lunch, I was craving for something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth. We decided to head down to Red Mango in Siam Center. I think Red Mango was originally from Korea, and it's now available at three locations in Bangkok including Siam Square, Siam Center, and Central World. It's a yogurt ice cream that's 'supposedly' fat free. I'm pretty sure it's loaded with sugar though, nevertheless I'm still a big fan of it. It's a plain yogurt ice cream and you can pick different toppings for it, my favorite ones are strawberry sauce, mango, and red bean. Try it yourself and find out which is your favorite topping!

Red Mango

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