Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blueberry Cheesecake and Dinner @ Ants Bistro

After experimenting with making homemade Blueberry sauce yesterday, me and my friends decided to bake a Blueberry Cheesecake for another friend's Birthday. It was quite fun and tiring as it was the first time I bake with so many people. I think it was the first time baking things from scratch for them, so we joked and played around a lot. The cheesecake turned out quite well as everyone, especially the Birthday boy enjoyed it, so it was worth our energy!

For his birthday dinner, we decided to eat at Ant's Bistro as we couldn't really think of anywhere else. My friends have been here several times, and they loved their Braised Pork Knuckle and Minister Chicken. The atmosphere here is not bad too, as it was not as noisy as other Chinese restaurants. Here are some of the dishes we've ordered.

Garlic Spinach
This was a tad oily for my liking, but still tasted quite good. Some of my friends find it a bit bland though.

The Tea Leaf Smoked Duck
This was again, a bit oily. I found the duck a bit dry, but my friends seemed to enjoy it.

The famous Minister Chicken
We all agreed that this dish is good!

I forgot the name of this dish, and couldn't really identify what meat it was. My friend suspected that it was some sort of Chinese Pork nuggets. I didn't particularly enjoy since I found it a bit dry.

Scrambled Egg.
My friends ordered two of this! They seemed to love it! It was quite nice, but probably not something I would have ordered in a restaurant.

Braised Pork Knuckle
This was EXTREMELY sinful! The thick layer of the fat kept the braised meat moist and juicy. Also, as the fat was melted into the gravy, it makes the gravy really smooth and went very well with a bowl of hot steamed rice or steaming Mantou.

It seems like me and my friends have very different opinions about most of the dishes here as everyone has different taste. Well, the next time you can't decide on which restaurant to eat, do try out Ant Bistro and find out which dish you like!

Ants Bistro
9 Corrs Place, Melbourne
(03) 96392908


Ginger said...

Oh, great cheesecake! I havent been to the restaurant before, but the food looked good! How's the pricing? =)

Hungry Hamster said...

The pricing is pretty reasonable, we spent around 20 dollars each..but I think we wasted some money on the two plates of scrambled Eggs..which probably actually cost 1 dollar.

Cindy said...

I agree, your cheesecake looks fantastic!

TingTing said...

Your cheesecake looks more appetizing than all the other Chinese dishes... which is saying a lot since I'm Chinese ^^! (No offence to Ants Bistro.)
A lot of Chinese women -including myself- like to lightly sponge the oil off of oily foods... since -as I'm sure you noticed- a lot of Chinese food is oily ^^". Oh, and just as a side note about scrambled eggs: I don't know if Western people do this, but try scrambling eggs with diced tomatoes. Apparently they bring out the nutritious bits and pieces in each other... it tastes good too ^^V.


Hungry Hamster said...

Thank you Cindy and Ting Ting! (and Ginger too, I forgot to thank you earlier)

I'm glad you guys like the cheesecake :)

Tingting, thanks for the tip! You gave me new idea for my next meal haha. I'm not sure if this is correct , but I think I've heard French people put stuff like onions, tomatoes, and hams into their breakfast omelette. I think that's equally appetizing too!

Btw, how do you sponge the oil off the oily food? Do you do that literally or is it just a metaphor? Hehe, I'm clueless :p

tingting said...

Oh yum! That omelette sounds so good........ :P.

Yup, you literally take a tissue or something and dab at the food until it's not... glistening sickly... or something ^^". And don't worry, I'm pretty much clueless to non-Asian foods... like I said in the other post, I've NEVER had non-tomato-sauced pasta before!

cheesywee said...

omg your cheesecake looks awesome i'm drooling ... :[

Hungry Hamster said...

thanks cheesywee! :)