Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dinner @ Thai Taste

The first time I've had Thai Taste was about three years ago, but I don't usually go there as there were no trams that could get us there directly. But I've got smarter this year, and thanks to Metlink, I realized there are buses that take you straight there! So convenient!

Anyway, Thai Taste is situated on 92 Johnston St. Collingwood. It's an authentic Thai restaurant that serves pretty good Thai food. The service is also pretty good with a nice ambiance. The were two types of seats available, the normal table or you can choose to sit on the floor like the traditional Thai way.

Thai Style Tempura Morning Glory Salad
This was one of my favorite. I think I have a weakness for deep-fried food.

Special Thai Papaya Salad with noodles
I didn't particularly like this dish but my friends liked it.

Deep Fried Pork Shank
This is pretty good! Probably their recommended dish as I don't really see this dish in other restaurants. The sauce on the side was lovely.

Red Duck Curry
I'm quite disappointed it this dish. It was overly sweet. I much prefer the one at Ying Thai.

Pad Thai
I usually love Pad Thai, but the one here has way too much bean sprouts and vegies, there weren't enough noodles.

Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli and Crispy Pork
This dish was done quite well, both the vegetable and pork remained crispy and crunchy!

They even have a live band playing! But it's quite funny to see a Caucasian guy singing English songs in a Thai restaurant. But I must admit he has pretty good vocal!

Overall, this was one of the more authentic Thai restaurants in Melbourne. I would go back again, but will probably stay away from their Pad Thai and Red curry. I think the next time I go back, I'll probably try their steamed fish with lime sauce as it looks scrumptious when I saw it on other customers' tables on my way out.

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