Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lunch @ Peperoni, Bangkok

This will probably be my last post about my Bangkok food trip, though I still have lots more photos from Bangkok. I think the next few posts will probably be about the food I've cooked/bake in Melbourne.

Anyway, Peperoni is a new Italian restaurant located at Narai hotel in Bangkok. It replaced Narai Pizzaria, a pizza place the I grew up eating. They have the best lasagna I've ever tasted!

Well, it wasn't a bad replacement as the new place has a very nice ambiance, and the service is great! The price is also pretty reasonable considering the atmosphere and the food presentation.

We had the Lobster salad which consists of lobster pieces on a bed of baby spinach with balsamic vinegar dressing. This dish was refreshing and the lobster was pretty fresh!

We decided to try out their lasagna to see if it was comparable with the old one. It was a bit disappointing though as I find the cream sauce in the lasagna too rich, while the tomato flavor was lacking. I still prefer the one by Narai pizzaria which was served in a sizzling hot plate!

The Fettuccine Cabonara was quite nice, too cheesy though. The pasta itself retained the 'al-dente' texture, so that was a plus! The portion size was a bit small though, but due to its richness, I probably wouldn't be able to finish a bigger size anyway.

The lamb cutlets were flavorful!

We had Tiramisu for dessert, it was definitely not as good as the ones I get in Melbourne!

The Italian restaurant here in Bangkok is probably not as nice as the ones I get in Melbourne, however, presentation and price wise, it's definitely worthed!

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cheesywee said...

I must say that the fettucine and lasagna look like my favs, but the tiramisu looks equally yummy!!
so much cheese on the lasagna I would definitely love that and the fettucine looks so creamy and rich! definitely something i'm craving for now !!!