Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year to all my dear readers. I hope you all had a great New year celebration! I'm currently in Bangkok and would probably be here for the next few weeks, so most of my posts will be related to all my food adventures in Bangkok.

New Year in Bangkok was quite interesting, a lot of beautiful fireworks. The atmosphere overall was very lively and eventful, with the surprising lovely cool weather. I'm so glad I'm not suffering from the heat stroke in Melbourne right now.

I decided to try out this Thai restaurant while I was walking around in Siam Paragon looking for a place to eat. Just the variety of choices that were available already gave me a headache as all of them looked fabulous and trendy, but I ended up trying this out as I was craving for Northern Thai food. This place is called Cafe Chilli, and it serves Northern Thai style food with a bit of a western kick. The taste was pretty authentic though, better than I'd expected. However, price-wise, it was on a high side for Thai food! All the portions were small, so we ended up ordering quite a few.

Sticky rice wrapped with pork
This was my favorite!

Somtum (Papaya Salad) with fried sticky rice

Thai style grilled chicken with turmeric
This was good, with natural sweet flavor. It goes very well with the papaya salad.

Tom Sabb Hed or Spicy Thai soup with mushrooms

Laab Moo or Minced pork salad

Thai style grilled lamb cutlets

Laab Moo Deng, this tasted like Thai Minced Fish balls to me, even though it was made out of pork

Deep Fried flowers

Steamed chicken. This was better than I'd expected, more flavorful and really tender.

Deep Fried Chicken wings

The food here is pretty good, but price-wise, I think there are a lot of other better alternatives. With the beautiful unique interior, and good service, this would be great for entertaining guests though !


TingTing said...

HIHI! Haven't talked to you in a while... happy new year!! The fried flower looks very delicious... how was it? Have fun and keep safe!

Agnes said...

Hope you're having a great time in Bangkok. That meal looks delish, particularly the sticky rice wrapped in pork.

Hungry Hamster said...

Hey Tingting! Yes it's been a while! Happy New Year! Were u busy with your studies? I didn't get to try the fried flowers, my brother demolished them before i had a chance to

Hey Agnes! Yes, I'm having a lovely time in Bangkok! There are a lot of yummy upcoming posts to come!

tingting said...

Yes, I was completely swamped. But the exams have yet to come, so I'm gearing up for another full-blown attack!! How have you been? T^T about the flowers... they sounded really interesting though! ^^.

Hungry Hamster said...

Haha, well, all the best for ur upcoming exams! Looking forward to ur future visits soon! :)