Friday, July 27, 2007

Japanese Teppanyaki At Nami, J.W. Marriot Hotel, Bkk

This modern looking Japanese restaurant was originally called Tsu Nami. It was open a few months before the actual incident actually took place. After the incident, some people were blaming them for the bad luck, so they decided to split the restaurant into two parts--Tsu and Nami. Tsu serves fresh sushi, while Nami serves Teppanyaki.

The thing I like about Nami is that they are pretty generous with their vegetables, hence we do not feel bombarded with beef/meat overdose. There are lots of choices from Tiger prawns, Salmon, Snow Fish, and different variations of Beef eg. Angus, Wagyu and even the famous Matzusaka!

Each set was accompanied with a bowl of soup with the choice of their own special Miso soup or Shitake soup. After trying both, I personally prefer their Miso soup. It's not the usual type of Miso that you make at home, but it has a touch of creaminess and tasted like lobster bisque to me.

Potato salad

Traditional Salad

There are also two choices of salad, either the potato salad or their traditional salad, both of which are very fresh. These are served with several choices of dressing, but I always choose their sesame dressing as I think it really compliments the crispness of the vegies.

The teppanyaki chef arrived right after we finished our salad and introduced himself. He performed several cooking tactics throughout the meal to keep us entertained. I was once invited up to try to do some tricks by catching the egg thrown in the air with a spatula..I ended up breaking two eggs, which was later used in the fried rice.

Our entree in the set included prawns and scallop with sauteed baby spinach.

The snow fish here is probably my favorite as it came in a beautiful big white chunk, while the chef slice it into pieces right before your eyes. It's probably by far the freshest and prettiest snow fish I've seen in Bangkok. We ordered Japanese fried rice as an accompaniment, however they were a bit too dry for my liking.

We also ordered both Angus Tenderloin and Wagyu Tenderloin. Both were very tasty, tender and flavorful! We ordered both types to compare if there is actually a difference, and indeed there was! The Wagyu was definitely more tender! Another thing I like about Teppanyaki is that there is not much seasoning other than salt and pepper (and maybe the occasional garlic butter), this allows real flavor of the beef to stand out. The previous time I was here, I also had a chance to try their Matsuzaka beef, it was really melt in the mouth texture!

The Angus Tenderloin

The Wagyu Tenderloin

Our meal was finished with the refreshing Japanese Melon which was extremely sweet! One of my most enjoyable meal in Bangkok!

Here are pics from my previous time in Nami.

Heart-shaped fried rice

Fried ice cream

Japanese Daifuku

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cheesywee said...

DAIFUKU!! my fav snack of all time!!
haha my curry is only arranged when I plate it but seconds after it looks pretty gross haha but yah i've never heard of snowfish! it looks really interesting. . soft? reminds me of scallop. I must know more about this snowfish :)