Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dinner at Ghin Kao

I had dinner with my friends yesterday and we decided to try out this Thai restaurant called Ghin Khao after hearing some pretty good reviews from my Thai friends. Ghin Khao is located on Swanston Street near a photo studio. It has two levels and each has a different atmosphere. The lower for was busy and buzzling while the top floor seems classier and calmer. My friends were right, it was probably one of the most authentic Thai restaurant I've tried in Melbourne so far! We ordered Pad Thai, Red Duck Curry and Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab.

Pad Thai.
This was lovely! The best one I've had in Melbourne. The noodles were stir-fried very well and retains its chew, not soggy like other restaurants I've experienced. They should have used lime instead of the lemon though.

Som Tum Poonim or Thai Style Papaya Salad with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab.
This was again, better than most restaurants I've tried here. It would be even better it was spicier. The deep fried soft shell crab adds a crispy touch to this dish! We also ordered some sticky rice to go with it. I love dipping my sticking rice in the Som Tum's sauce and let is soaks the spicy juicy goodness of the sauce, however, their sticky rice was a bit too mushy.

Gang Ped Phed Yang. Red Duck Curry.
This dish was served with a plate of rice. This was not bad, it has a hint of spiciness once it's down your throat. I still prefer the one at Ying Thai more.

The service here was quite efficient and the food arrived promptly! I'll definitely go back for more of their Authentic Pad Thai in the future!


Ginger said...

Oh yummy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thai food, but never get to eat around in Melbourne that much, simply because I don't think that they are any good. Will try this one out someday!

ilingc said...

I love Ying Thai too. I rarely go anywhere else but the Ying Thai on Victoria Street. Just not the same. That said, the papaya salad and soft shell crab here looks very tempting. mmm...

Will said...

I like the food at Ghin Kao and sitting in the upstairs section is recommended (comfortable and quieter than the downstairs part)

Anonymous said...

try the basil and chilli chicken with steamed rice... fantastic! The Larb is also excellent - very spicy - very spicy!
we love this place... cheap and delicious - an undiscovered Melbourne gem!