Sunday, November 23, 2008

Japanese Eating Trip Vol V

After a good night's rest, we were ready for our journey to Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Disneyland, but I did not forget to fill myself up with the good old Japanese breakfast.

Asakusa Temple

More Obanyaki in different shapes to symbolizes the Asakusa Temple.
These can be a good gift/souvenirs--that is if they last that long!

These ones have red bean fillings.

Deep fried Buns in different flavor such as sweet potatoes, red bean, sesame

Our tour guide told me that this shop is supposedly very famous for their deep fried bun, but I did not find these particularly special

Sembei making demonstration

A fresh glass of green tea to cleanse the palate after the greasy snack.
This was very refreshing and surprisingly sweet as most of the tea sold in Japan are unsweetened (relatively to the ones sold in Bangkok).

Soba Onigiri
I bought these at the convenience shop below my hotel. This one is a mixture of Yakisoba and rice, they were surprisingly delicious for a 'take away' food, and I wouldn't mind trying out the rest of the flavors.

Another Onigiri I bought.

Did I mention that I love Japanese packaging? The design is always very carefully thought out such as the little onigiri in the above picture. The onigiri came with a plastic covering to separate the seaweed (nori) from the rice to prevent the seaweed from turning soggy from the moisture in the rice. The little onigiri came with an instruction on how to open it!

We arrived at Tokyo Disneyland after around 40 minutes drive. The place was really packed even though it was a weekday, both with tourists and locals. There were also troops of primary school students whom were there on their school field trip. I did not particularly enjoy my day at Disneyland though as the weather was horrible and there were too many people at each ride. I had to wait 1.5 hour in the rain just to get in the Haunted Mansion which was not even scary!

The famous Disney monorail

Tokyo Disneyland staff selling Disneyland balloons

Lunch at Disneyland

Ebi Tempura Burger.
This was the best one out of the burgers we've tried.

Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Disney Characters parade!

Japanese girls enjoying themselves at Disneyland

Night scene of the famous Tokyo Disneyland Castle
This shot was slightly hard to take as it was raining, so I had hold the umbrella with my neck in order to take the picture. Thank god it was so crowded that everyone was too busy to notice me.

For dinner, we went back to Tokyo and took the Subway to the Akasaka district. Tokyo Subway and JR system is probably the largest, and most crowded one I've experienced so far. Just walking from one end to the other took quite a bit of energy! I wonder how senior citizen in Tokyo does it!

Dinner was a full course Kobe steak cooked in different styles which I will write about in my next post as there are lots of photos to accompany it! Dinner took quite a few hours and by the time we finished it, we had to rush back to take the Subway before it closes, which was quite an adventure!

After I arrived back at the hotel, I decided to try out the famous Pierre Herme Macarons that I bought the day before at Isetan. I was quite excited when I saw the shop as I've heard ravings from other bloggers before.

Pierre Herme Macarons. Rose, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavor.

They were so much better than what I'd expected. The first time I had macarons was at Four Seasons Hotel's bakery shop, and it gave me a bad impression of macarons as the ones I had were disturbingly sweet! These ones however gave me a whole new perspective to macarons. The texture was just right, crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside.The flavor was prominent but not overly sweet at all! Wish I could get these in Thailand or Melbourne too!


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Urggggg.....the piece of beef makes me drool !

Also Macaron, wanna know how the good one is

Lorraine E said...

Love your Tokyo coverage! I so miss it there. I love Disneyland (great photo of Cinderella's castle at night).