Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First attempt at Hot Cross Bun

It's Easter holiday here in Melbourne and I always see advertisements for hot cross buns in almost all bakeries which inspired me to try my hands on hot cross buns. I got my recipe from but modified the recipe to use chocolate chips instead of the currants to suit my friends' taste buds.

I was not that satisfied with the results of my hot cross buns as I thought it tasted a bit bland even though I've added extra spices that asked for in the original recipe. If anyone else have a really good recipe for Hot Cross Bun, please do share them with me :)


Agnes said...

I made hot cross buns this weekend too, but I'm afraid I'm no help. My buns turned out nice and soft but like you, I thought mine were bland! (I used a recipe from Better luck next year. :)

samxsam said...

heard that you got sick... hope you get well soon... and long time didnt update here... being busy? hehehe event dont know when will you c this comment.. have a nice day... :)

cheesywee said...

yum!! looks like your attempt was pretty successful! I find a more simpler/bland bun preferable since I like to add a spread some whipped sweet butter !