Monday, March 3, 2008

Penang Eating Adventure

Sorry for being MIA for a few weeks. I went to Taiwan the previous week for an eating adventure, and now I'm back in Melbourne.

Here are some of my food adventures from my earlier Penang trip that I promised to write about.
I really love Penang food! Actually, that may be what I like most about Penang! It has so many varieties of good quality hawker food at such a cheap price. Most of the dishes you can get at Hawker stalls are probably only 1-2 Australian Dollars!

Yu Sen for "Happy Belated Chinese New Year"
A type of salad eaten during Chinese New Year.
The ingredients are mixed together by tossing it up. The higher you toss it, the more prosperous it is. While tossing, most people will shout out some prosperous phrase.

Some starters

I used to get freaked out when I was a kid whenever I see the black strands inside any dishes. I used to think it was cooked hair. *How innocent* According to my dad, it's supposedly a type of grass only found in the desert, and most that are available now are fake ones. I will have to check out the reference on that.

Yummy Abalone

Dried Wonton Mee
It's pretty good but I still prefer the soup version

This probably my favorite wanton mee stall in Penang.
The noodles are cooked to perfection! The texture is springy and chewy. The soup is also flavorful, unlike those I've tried in other places.
Never buy a 'take-away' version of it though, that does not do it any justice at all! You'll end up eating soggy noodles, and will probably hunt me down for blogging about it :)
The hawker stall is at the corner of New World Park on Burma Road

Lovely Assam Laksa! This was so good!

Homemade Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee)
This is also my other favorite hawker dish in Penang.

Penang Chee Cheong Fun
Rice rolls with shrimp sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds
This was good, but I can only eat it in a small amount as I find it a bit too oily

Ice Kacang
I love Ice Kacangs in Malaysia! I had this 3 times while I was in Penang! At different hawker stalls though. This one is from New World Park. This wasn't too photogenic, and the fruits were slightly overripe. The ice on Ice Kacang in Malaysia are always so fine, it melts as soon as you place it in your mouth. However, the ones I have in Thailand are usually still crunchy and I actually have to bite through the ice. Not good for someone with sensitive teeth.

Ice cream version!
My favorite part of the Ice-Kacang is probably the ice, the red beans, and the creamed corn.

Lobster Noodles
This was pretty good, but I still prefer the one at Kum Den.
The noodles were slightly too fat for my liking and the sauce wasn't as flavorful.

Baked Cheese Lobster
This was good, but it was so rich so I couldn't have too much of it.

That's probably the highlights of my Penang trip. I'll post up food pictures from Taiwan and more restaurants in Bangkok soon. Thank you for your patience!


Agnes said...

Yum! Looks like you ate some good stuff in Penang.

Those black strands is fat choy, and it looks like your dad is right about it growing in the desert. I always thought it was seaweed! We always called it hair when we were younger. :)

Hungry Hamster said...

Thank you Agnes :) I thought it was seaweed too, until I asked my dad about it while blogging :p

Guess I actually learn something knew from blogging :)

chikopae said...

really? you really learn something 'knew' ? :D

Hungry Hamster said...

haha, sorry about my poor English

Thanks for the correction ;)

Nini said...

Thank you for posting about Penang. I am a fairly new convert to Malaysian cuisine. I went there last year for a food adventure trip but I didn't manage to get as much food-related pics as I would have liked. Your pictures look yummy :)

Hungry Hamster said...

Thank u for dropping by Nini :)
I love Penang food!! Can't wait to go back again!

CK Lam said...

Hi. nice photos of your Penang trip. I hv tried a lot of seafood food around Penang but surprisingly I have not eaten the yummy lobster noodles that u had.

May I know the name of the restaurant?